Do you have app-athy?


Who really needs another app?  Well -- I guess it depends.  App real estate is valuable on any device, like New York apartment valuable, so to take a top spot it must be a stellar app that provides something brilliant.  With millions of apps to choose from it's a noisy marketplace and no surprise, app downloads are down but app engagement is up, with a typical user only using 7 apps per day -- what's an aspiring app creator to do?  Our strategy with DayReel is to take the long view and build a brilliant product our customer segment can't live without, a customer group whose nuances we intimately understand -- and solve an overlooked problem.  The app landscape is evolving and discoverability is a monumental challenge, and early adoption of any app hinges on the viral appeal of a well executed product.  Productivity apps are my 'go-to's  --  these apps that simplify a time-consuming task helped fuel a passion for DayReel.  Take online bill pay, I'm still giddy about going to one site to pay my bills, not to individual merchants or heaven forbid, mailing a check, and the late fees saved -- triple bonus.  What are your favorite apps?  Social, games, productivity, lifestyle?